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Psychotherapy & Counselling in Shoreditch and City of London

I understand the anxiety that goes along with the process of therapy and you may have questions, so I’ve tried to answer a few of those I get asked the most. Feel free to call with any other queries.

How long is each session?
A session lasts 50 minutes; however the service I offer clients is uniquely suited for them and their current situation. During the initial consultation, your needs will become clearer. This might require a weekly one-hour session, or longer and more intensive sessions designed around your work and travel commitments. The aim is always to help each individual achieve in the most convenient and helpful way possible.

What about confidentiality?
All information disclosed in a counselling environment is treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to a third party without permission. However, if there is concern of a risk of serious harm to yourself or another party this may need to be disclosed. In this event counsellors will always seek to discuss the situation in the first instance wherever possible. This is in accordance with BACP guidelines.

Do I need to be referred by my GP?
No, you can self-refer in confidence by contacting me by telephone [link to your number] or through the contact page [link to that page] on this website.

Do you have evening appointments?
Appointments can be made for the daytime and the evening, and for Saturdays. Evening appointments do tend to be the most popular, but I will always try to accommodate your requirements given your availability.

How many sessions will I need?
That very much depends on your reason for seeking counselling. If you have a clear reason for coming and know what your objectives are, then you’ll probably not need more than six to eight sessions. The assessment session will help clarify your needs and whether you will benefit from short or longer-term therapy. It’s always your choice about how many sessions you want.

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